Sunday, February 13, 2011

The family met in Timaru NZ to celebrate mums 85th birthday over the weekend of the 5/6th February. It was the first time in 15 years we have all been together at the one time and it was fun. We G's arrived a week early to get things setup and to spend special time with mum over a few games of Canasta and Samba (thanks Val).

Mum and Daniel had chosen a secluded little spot in Centennial Park which was perfect for the occasion. This is mum cutting her 85th birthday cake at the Picnic in the Park, or as some would have it..."A snag on the barbie".

Mums birthday cake. Joy lent the cake tins, I baked it and formed the 85, Chloe took care of painting the '85', mum did her magic with the flowers, Joan carried it on her lap and Margaret drove...very carefully. Not a bad job of it, even if we do say so ourselves.

Me, mum, Mrs Burns and Jean. A very special photo and one I will hold dear forever.

There are three important women in my life: my mother, Mrs Burns and my mother-in-law Rosa.
All three have shaped my life by example and I love them for it.

Perhaps not the most flattering of photos but a generation shot that I will treasure. This was taken on the 24th, mums actual birthday.
We spent some hours in the Bay checking out its growth. This is the view from Governors Bay School where we had the privilege of attending. It is now a few classrooms bigger and has a few more caterpillars and butterfly's but is essentially the same place and forms many special childhood memories.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

We have had the beach house for almost a year now and it is starting to look neat and tidy inside. We have replaced, plugged, planted, cut, scrubbed, straightened and painted but it feels good when we close the door on our hard work to come home.

This photo was taken on Chloes first walk along the beach and remains one of my favourites. Hans, Chloe and I went down with Erica who was visiting from Switzerland for our first visit to see what we had actually purchased. It was rough and the owners had left it in a fairly poor state. We went for a walk along the beach to help boost our flagging mood.

This one is looking in the same direction but at the opposite end of the day.

No matter what time of the day: be it bright sunlight, deep shade, strong wind, light breeze, full or low tide, it is the most stunning of places and each element adds an air of certainty to the day.

Some days the sheer beauty takes your breath away. We are so very lucky.

For those of you who do not know where Venus bay is just Google this link and zoom out:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

'Miss Japan'

In January '10 we welcomed Kasumi to the family and on Monday 22nd December she flew out for home. The year has flown by and it was very sad to say goodbye.

I made this quilt and as luck would have it we all like the back as much as the front. It was not planned that way but I found the red fabric at Primitive Patchwork that screamed "Kasumi", and I had to use it. Hopefully it will remind her of her time in Melbourne and her time with us. Myrane made a lovely bag and tucked a copy of 'Masterchef' inside which is Kasumis favourite TV program. She was thrilled with both. She is a smart little cookie and I know she will do well in her life back in Japan.

(photo to be added)

This photo was taken on the beach at Venus Bay, East 2010. A gorgeous day.

For her Textiles course at school she made a reversible Kimono, one side traditional and the other modern.

Cuddles and Lucy keep wandering into her room to see if she has come back. No sign of her .... sad, long faces prevail.

Monday, March 29, 2010

CUDDLES 'n LUCY - Mistresses of the house

I could not resist introducing you to the Mistresses of the House....Cuddles and Lucy.

'Cuddles' our Burman cat. Our little darling was born on the 9th February 2002 and she runs the house. She was Babes birthday present and her young spirit gave our darling cat Opal an extra lease at life. She kept him fighting on until he passed away in his 17th year. We miss him but are very lucky to have Cuddles.

'Lucy' our Spoodle.

On May 3rd we introduced little Lucy to the house. She is an adorable black and white Spoodle who celebrates her birthday on the 16th July ('09). I rescued her from the horrific 'Valley View' Dog Farm but unfortunately she came to us with deep emotional issues. Judging from her overly timid state the first 10 months of her life had been a living hell.

We have been watching her confidence build as she starts to accept that she is now safe and loved. We still have a long way to go with her which is apparent when we see her tremble with fear around men or when she experiences something new. I am totally smitten, especially when her beautiful tail wags and she uses her bewitching smile. Babe came home with a big 'Daffodil Day' yellow ball which she loves to play with in the back yard. She is a a very smart little cookie and now knows what "Play" means.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

VENUS BAY - January 2010

In January we put Babe on a plane to Japan and with our new found freedom set out to discover Venus Bay. We had been Internet surfing the real estate pages when we came across a little beach cottage that sparked our interest. One Hour and fifty five minutes later we were in quaint little seaside village of Venus Bay. The first couple of places we checked out left us a little dispirited but the third was perfect. It had been listed at 9am that morning and by 2pm the deal was done and it was ours. Add Image

There is a lot of maintenance and improvement work to be done but each time we visit we manage a little more. It is a 2/3 bedroom, lounge, kitchen / dining with a deck out the back. We love it and have had heaps of fun so far and hopefully many years more ahead. We have replaced six Banksia trees with the exquisite Tulip tree and a Golden Elm on the front lawn. We are about to start some serious painting inside which will tidy it up. The outside will have to wait until we have replaced some weatherboards and windows, but no hurry.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

...... until May 30th

Well, once again time has slipped away from me and I am now trying to remember what we have done over the last few weeks. Let me try and recapture....I really should update this more often.

30th May: Melbourne Town
This weekend was a really quiet one as 'Husband Dear' and I wandered around the city and took in the atmosphere and charm of the Victoria Market. As usual, the food court kept us happy and we had bags full of goodies within a short space of time. While we were enjoying our time, Babe attended some tutorials at Melbourne University. The stoic charm of the 'Old' Uni buildings always fascinates me. Although the sun was shining, it was cool and clear which added to the enjoyment of wandering through the streets.

23rd May: Bonfire
Last weekend we spent at 'The Kids' participating in another Bonfire Party. Great fun and again, the weather was clear and cool. A great night for star gazing. We caught up with people we'd not seen for some time and enjoyed another great night of good food, great company and the crackle and smell of the bonfire. Thanks Kiddo.

9th May: Babe's 18th
Our Babe turned 18 and we celebrated! We had a dinner at her favourite vegetarian restaurant and she ordered her first cocktail....but hey, they did not ask for ID, so we had to try again on the Saturday night when her friends joined her to celebrate. Nope! No-one has asked for her ID and she decided it just isn't funny any more. The food, company and surroundings were wonderful and 'Husband Dear' and I patted each other on the back to celebrate making it through 18 years of parent-hood. We had her two special Gotti's (God Mothers) join us which was very special, especially for Babe. Her Godfather sent his best wishes from across the seas. The following weekend she and Benjamin went up to Sydney to celebrate in their own way. They climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and enjoyed each others company.
Not a bad way to celebrate an 18th.
Denise and Mallicks Wedding
Denise has been part of our lives since she was knee high and we are very excited to see her marry Mallick on the beach at Brighton. They then flew over to India to be married again in a traditional wedding ceremony with family and friends. The photos we have seen of the Indian trip are beautiful. It is great to see them so happy and we wish them a wonderful life together.
I made this quilt as a wedding present for Denise and Mallick. It includes the bright 'Blog' fabrics from Amity which are synonimous with India and in the bottom corner, a special piece of Swiss fabric, a combining of the two cultures. The label, which I was stitching on five minutes before the reception, was a stroke of sheer genious from my girlfriend who printed a photo of Denise and Mallick at the wedding along with the poem that was read by the celebrant. How about that for technology! This photo is showing it unquilted and I had Cheryl quilt it and then bound it with the same turquise boarder fabric. It is one of those quilts that I loved making and enjoyed giving it away. I hope it gets them through all the ups and downs that life throws them.

Jean's Visit and Easter
You see here a dear friend that has been in my life since high school. Jean arrived in Melbourne for Easter and here we are catching up on the 'gos over lunch and a glass. The time we spent together was precious and hopefully the time between lunches will be shorter next time.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Amazing Butterfly - Tess Blackburn

Last night Chloe and I had the privilege of attending a fund raiser at Doyle's - Mordialloc for community-based organisation The Butterfly Foundation. This was organised to support Chloe's friend Tess Blackburn and other sufferers in the fight against Anorexia. Tess as guest speaker, shared a small part of her long story to an enraptured audience. She spoke competently while walking us through the hell that these sufferers and their supporters go through each day.

Following this we were entertained by a 'Wil-E' fashion parade featuring this seasons fabulous new ranges, ate nibbles supplied by Doyle's, battled for a silent auction win, stood in line for Henna hand painting and generally had a great night. We hope that Tess and her mother Larraine raised heaps for a worthy cause and thank them both for sharing the word. This night was especially important for Chloe and I. Jump into the links here and also research The Butterfly Foundations great work.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Well, it has been simply ages since I have updated this and I have so much to tell you that I really do not know where to start. It may be best to start today and work backwards. Strange? True. But then you all know me.

Remember, this is all in summary.

2009 FORMAL:
Last night was 'Babes' School Formal and it was a wonderful success. It was a whirl of dress, shoe and bag shopping, hair and beauty appointments, ending up with our girls looking beautiful. The guys did themselves proud as well. Ben flew in from Canberra and although his flight was late and he was the last to arrive, he received an award for the privilege and enjoyed the celebrations. The Brighton International was again a great venue having been renovated since last year. A number of Year 12's wore long dresses, looking elegant and way beyond their years. There were some stunning short dresses with Mel P' taking out the 'Best Dressed' award.

This is it! Year 12 and no more Formals. It has been fun and these photos will remind the girls of their school years.

Last year our Tuesday night Patchwork Group were lucky enough to meet Amy Butler, an American fabric designer and author. She held a promotional evening at the Sofital which showcased her fabrics, books and patterns.

I was not sure what to expect but was impressed with her outlook on life and thoroughly enjoyed listening to her and her experiences. Her love of the garden and of life seems to flow through her fabric designs. Babe loved the fabrics I arrived home with and I agreed to make her this quilt. I had seen a quilt hanging at Amittee some time ago which suited this fabric and so raced in to collect a few more peices of Amy's fabrics and the pattern. Cheryl (C.A Quilter) quilted it and although the two week project blew out to a four month project I am happy with the result. What do you think?

On January 10th we flew into Wellington to start two weeks well earned holiday. The last six months of 2008 were so bad that any holiday would have been great, but this was fantastic.

I have always known that New Zealand was a beautiful country but not having toured it for some years I had forgotten just how spectacular it is. Every corner we drove around held another picturesque scene. The amazing thing about New Zealand is that it has not been found by the rest of the world and is therefore unspoilt.

We drove from Wellington to Taupo, a place I could call home, where we stayed for a couple of days soaking up its sense of space and pure tranquility. We then travelled up to Rotorua which is over commercialised and smelly but a fascinating place where we spent time touring the thermal areas and tourist areas. From there we travelled over to Napier which was an inspiring bonus. I had not been there before but found a city well aware of itself which recognised the potential of self-promotion to attract visitors. They do it so well. We then met the family in Wellington for 'Big Blisters' 60th birthday celebrations. It was wonderful to spend time with everyone and seeing as we had come from Brisbane, HongKong, Auckland, Timaru, Christchurch and Melbourne had reason to relax and enjoy each others company. It is not every day we get together. I had the pleasure of meeting up with my girlfriend for a meal, chin wag and a flying fox ride or two. It has been years since we caught up but it felt as though it was just yesterday. Great fun.

When the celebrations were over we travelled across to Picton on the ferry which is one of my favourite places in the world. The day was sunny and the waters calm. Coming in through the Sounds is simply stunning with bush meeting the crystal clear waters. We travelled down the Kiakoura coast, through Christchurch, to Timaru where we spent a few days with Mum. We had stopped off in Christchurch for a few hours to catch up with a couple of school friends for dinner. I only wish we had had more time to spend with everyone but treasured every minute we did have.

My memory had faded over the years and I was not ready for the spectacular scenery on the next stage of our holiday. We left Timaru to travel down to Queenstown through the Cromwell district, Lewis Pass, and the many thriving little towns on the way. We passed spectacular lakes, drove over mountain roads, across rapid flowing rivers, while taking in the shades of green, purples and browns I had forgotten even existed. Without a lie, I was astounded at the sheer beauty we were seeing turn after turn as we drove. When we arrived into Queenstown some hours later I was sure that I had taken in as much as I could but this town, nestled on the shores of the lake is one of New Zealand's gems and it did not fail to impress. As this was our last night in New Zealand and also my birthday we wandered the town, eating Japanese for dinner and hot chocolate as a night cap. It was a clear night with stars shining and all of Queenstowns visitors were out and enjoying the towns many restaurants and lake cruises. Magic!

The next morning we went up in the cable car to get some photos and take in the scenery before dashing to the airport, and wait.....there is more!
There was a light breeze blowing and the Para-gliders were everywhere. Yep! I did it! With 30 seconds to decide on the birthday offer being made by Husband Dear and Babe I decided to give it a go. Wow! There is no other word for the experience of soaring like a bird and feeling the freedom of weightlessness. My only wish was that I had experienced this when I was in my twenties. Perhaps I would be a different person now if I had. If you ever get the chance then do not hesitate. We then flew back home to Melbourne and got back into the routine but I still get a buzz when I think of it.

Well guys, this update will have to do for the moment. I hope you are all well and happy. I am off to start my new quilt, hopefully getting it ready for one very special bride and groom.

Wish me luck. Cheers!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bushfires - Thank you for your concern

Hi there all,

Thank you all for your phone calls and emails of concern and we, unlike many other, are safe and well. Unfortunately the newspaper headlines and the lead stories on the TV tell of a completely different situation for many hundreds of people. It has been heartbreaking to listen to the 24 hour reports that have been flooding our airways and one feels frustrated and useless when others are so desperate. We have been able to donate to the Fire Fund being run by the Red Cross and I guess every little bit helps.

It is wonderful to see Amitee, Blake Dawson, Mentone Girls Grammar and many other companies and individuals getting in and raising funds to support those who don't have their own beds to sleep in any more. I watch Babe sit down to her studies and feel a deep pain for the kids facing Year 12 exams at the end of the year without schools, homes, books, pens or calculators. Their parents hearts must be breaking. I think of the elderly in these areas who have lost their everything and are too old or frail to start again. We all feel for those who are disadvantaged and even more so with the sheer numbers involved with these bush fires.

Check out this link:
We all need to look at our loved ones and count our blessings.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year !!!!

To see in the New Year 'Husband Dear' and I took in the sights, sounds and smells at Brighton Beach armed of course with a chilled bottle of French Champagne and two flutes. Very quiet and very pleasant.

It has been two months since I have had a moment to do an update and for those of you who visit, I apologise for the long silence. You must have thought I had dropped off the planet. I will be able to do better in 2009 as we will be a very well organised at Number 15 with nothing but routine in it. I can just hear some of you out there saying "Yeah, yeah!" Seriously, it is Babes VCE year and I can assure you that routine is the name of the game and it will happen.

The other good thing that is happening this year is that we have a new starter at work. Eliza starts on the 5th January and the relief is enormous. I feel as though I have been holding this place together with only the skin on my teeth. I will be working 4 days with Mondays off, Eliza will be working 5 days and Danielle 1 day. One thing I have realised over the past few months is that I do not want to work full time. Four days will hopefully be a good balance and I may as well do it while I can as once retired there is no going back.

Babe has been down at Philip Island enjoying time with her friends and Husband Dear has been hard at work around the house. We are having a new back yard fence put up at the beginning of February but the contractor wants the old fence and the ivy which has been holding it up for more years than it should have, removed. HD and neighbour Russell have been building up a sweat and taking trips to the tip. It is hard work but all should be ready before we leave on our well earned holidays. The only one who is not looking forward to the holiday is Cuddles who has a miserable time at the Cattery and puts herself on a diet through nothing else but worry.

OK. I will update this with the exciting photos of my Amy Butler 'almost finished' project and some extras.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Today my 'Big Blister' arrives back in Auckland, New Zealand after a trip of a lifetime. Her dream was to visit Italy and it probably stems back to a book she read in her early years, a movie she sat glued to or a friend who had sparked the imagination in a recount of their trip, but finally, she made it.

She and two Friends itinerary was laid out in such detail that the travel bug clicked in by just picking it up for a quick perusal. They landed in Rome and toured the South, tripped over to Greece, back to Italy before departing to Croatia, Austria and back down through the depths of Italy. Her last week was to be spent on her own savouring the sea air before heading back to Auckland and the every day mediocrity of life. I simply cannot wait to find out all the details and will keep you posted.


Our beautiful 'Babe' is home again after completing an exhausting trip through Italy, France and London. It is SO good to have her home. She was homesick!! Yeah! She missed us! Whoopee!! This is when being a parent is truly blissful.

The photographs are numerous and spectacular. The places, sights and sounds will be memories for ever. Maybe the memory of eating pasta every day will wain even though at this stage she has sworn off it for life. We still have to create a photo album capturing the best of them but that will take place at a later stage. I received a beautiful Italian leather handbag which I have proudly used almost every day since receiving it.

Trying to catch up with our Miss Germany's in London was apparently a bit of a trial as their trusty mobile phones played up. Logic, cunning, guess work and good timing then became the name of the game and when they finally got together there was much hilarity as Babe sneaked them into her room. Miss Germany x 2 hid (giggling) in the small wardrobe to avoid being sprung by a roving teacher. As much as we love our teachers the novelty of having them breathing down the girls backs had worn off by the time they hit 'ol London town.

Babes favourite spot? Orvieto in Italy. Orvieto is a city in southwestern Umbria, Italy situated on the flat summit of a large butte of volcanic tuff. The site of the city is among the most dramatic in Europe, rising above the almost-vertical faces of tuff cliffs that are completed by defensive walls built of the same stone. The girls stayed at Fattoria La Cacciata, a farm where Nonna taught them how to make fresh pasta. Nonna also had a cat which Babe was able to stroke. I think she missed Cuddles as much as Cuddles missed her. Thank you Nonna for leaving such a lasting impression on our little darling.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


'The Kid' had reason to celebrate when Steve flew in from England for a few weeks holiday. A Bonfire Party was organised and invitations sent out. The night was perfectly still with twinkling stars, a full moon, great food and good company. The bonfire went all night and some lasted until the wee small hours of the morning....others didn't. The next morning we enjoyed a big Aussie breakfast under the sun in the back-yard. It was a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

An Evening with AMY BUTLER

Myrane has motivated and organised us into having a Girls Night Out where we will attend 'An Evening with AMY BUTLER'. This is being held at the Sofitel Melbourne on Thursday 13th November and should be an inspirational night.

STAR OF THE SEA - Fashion Parade
On the subject of inspirational nights we recently attended the Star of the Sea's Fashion Parade and Art Exhibition. The standard of work presented by the students across all levels was very high but the creativity displayed on the cat-walk by the senior girls was exceptional. The girls and parents put this down to the skill of their teacher Mrs F'. Are we surprised? Not to those who know her. Well done Mrs F'.

'Miss Italys' Shoulder Bag

Miss Italy was due to go home after 3 months with us and I wanted a little piece of Australia to go with her. As one of her great loves is ice-skating I was thrilled to discover some fabric on the bus trip, featuring ice-skates. This fabric was a 'must have' and Myrane and I spent a relaxing day making shoulder bags. Miss Italy loved hers and used it when she flew up to explore the delights of Sydney. The hope is that when using it back in Italy she will remember us and the great time she had here.

I took this photo with the bag sitting on the beautiful tablecloth she gave us when she arrived. The area she lives in are well known for producing these beautiful tablecloths and it is our little piece of Italy.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Last Saturday (13th September) the more adventuresome Bay Quilters joined in for a day of fun on the "Mystery Bus Tour". This is the third year we have done this and it did not fail to impress. Our driver John, took us up to 'Craftpaks' in Heathmont, 'Patchwork with Gail B' in Bayswater, 'StitchnPatch' in Lilydale and 'Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop' in Monbulk. We also managed to fit in a few extras which added to a wonderful day of browsing and purchasing through aisles and aisles of fabric, novelties, books and all inspiring ideas. Too many ideas! Stop! Having purchased a magic book on strips 'n circles and also a new bag pattern I have already had the sewing machine out. Yep, I know....UFO's awaintin'. Hmmm perhaps some of them can wait a little longer.

BABE - Europe:
'Babe' has taken of for Europe with the school.

Travelling with Emirates to Rome and then exploring Italy, France and London. I have placed large maps on the wall and used ribbon, as any patchworker would use, to map out her route. The world is a big place when you see how few places they travel to and yet are able to see so much in only a few weeks. The exciting thing is that she has a lifetime to see the rest. So exciting!

Rome, Orvieto, Florence, Venice, Milan, 5 days in Paris including Eurodisney then onto London. Of course all the main features of these great cities will be visited. Judging by the phone call wer received it is going well but she could barely get the words out with excitement. Betty and Lorena will be meeting Chloe in London for a few days. What a trip!

Bay Quilters organised a Dying Workshop and as I have never done any dying at all, thought it may be something to try. I was not expecting to enjoy myself at all but was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the day and its results immensely. I am now looking forward to trying another workshop but with good quality white cotton fabric giving me fabrics more to my liking.

Two days after Miss Germany arrived we were back at the airport meeting Miss Italy who will be with us for three months while studying. Sarah fitted straight into our house and the three girls kept the house buzzing. 'Sandy' has been a different experience for Sarah but she took it in her stride and accepted everything that was strange, weird or unknown. We are so proud of the way she has accepted and learnt, made friends and explored Melbourne. She has made the most of her short time here by always seeking new experiences and challenges. We have enjoyed her company and will miss her very much when she leaves us in a few days but she will always be part of our family and welcomed back any time.

Great excitement in the household as we prepared for the arrival of our 'Miss Germany'. Betty stayed with us for 10 days before travelling up to Sydney to meet her parents. Sydney was awash with sunshine and thousand upon thousand catholic devotees hoping for a glimpse of the Pope on his first visit to Australia. What a sensational time to be in Sydney. Then off to Perth which was understandably quieter and unfortunately very wet. Perth is a beautiful city but the rain dampened their spirits for a few days. On arrival into Melbourne the mood lifted again and a good time was had by all. We were lucky enough to share more time with Betty while her parents explored our wonderful state.

The time went far too quickly but a family dinner and breakfast in the city helped to make the most of our time together. It is so much quieter now that she has flown home and we will miss her again, perhaps a little more this time.

As Betty has become Daughter No. 3 I decided to make a quilt for her to take home. Hopefully she will wrap herself in it when she feels the need and know that her Australian family love her.

Well, we had yet another truly enjoyable day at Bay Quilters this month with the focus being on FUN. Myrane and I were on the setup team, throwing tables and chairs around at 8am in readiness for a 9 am start. The early start was arranged to take advantage of our guest trader selling his beautiful cotton fabrics and then travelling through to the Geelong Quilters Retreat

Part of this months fun was our gift giving where we all made an apron and took it along in readiness for our pass the parcel. Fabulous fun passing our parcels to either the "Right" or the "Left" depending on which way the story went. My apron had been finally put together the night before with the help of Myrane and her Bernina. Great machine!

As this was our 'Christmas in July' meeting we all took a plate along for the feast and it surely was just that. Far too many calories consumed but so many delicious tastes to try, ending up with most gaining a few extra kilos.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hello.....I am still here!!!

Hi there everyone,

Well, I know you have been thinking that I don't love you anymore and that I have given up on each and every one of you but I am back. Over the past few months I seem to have taken on a little too much and have been struggling. Yep, it happens to each and every one of us at some stage of our lives and this just happened to be mine. Tired? Exhausted? Shattered? a little, but .... inspired by others, brimming with ideas and ready to get into the next challenge. Just wait 'til I catch up on my sleep and I will be right along.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The Postman delivered my Fat Quarter fabric from the 'Williams Inn' Flannels range by Nancy Halverson and it is lovely. The challenge now is to create a small quilt for the Australia-wide Blankets of Love program running to provide comfort for a grieving family. Along with putting in for a worthy cause, the challenge winner can also recieve a Bernina Avtiva 240 sewing machine which I am desperate for. Just being in it will be fun and as there are so many wonderful quilters in Australia the chances of winning are negligable but hey, whats to lose.

The Blankets of Love program
Started in 1992 by Shirley Zions and Jan Polverino, the Blankets of Love program distributes small quilts to the families of babies who die around the time of birth. Not only does the program assist the grieving families by providing a memento and celebration of their babies, but it also provides an opportunity for people to speak out about the loss of a baby.
Each year, at the completion of the Bernina Blankets of love Challenge, the quilts are sent to the Blankets of Love Challenge, the quilts are sent to the Blankets of Love program coordinator and then distributed through State quilt groups to Australian hospitals in the program.

Monday, June 23, 2008


We welcome to the family our new car 'JetJet' and sadly say goodbye to the Camry which served us well. We were lucky enough to buy her off a golfing friend who has sadly returned to her homeland following a four year stay in Melbourne. Miss Nederlands has left a little bit of Orange here though and and her clogs keep on clacking. 'Babe' is enjoying her driving lessons and is handling her well. 'Jet Jet' is so easy to drive, can turn on a coin and has the same familiarity as my dear old Mondeo. I am a very happy little vegemite.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I could not resist taking the camera out of my bag this morning and taking these photos of our glorious city. Some mornings we see the golden sun-rise and the hot- air balloons gliding past and on other mornings a storm racing across the city and hitting the windows with pure vengeance. No matter what day of the week it is truly spectacular.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


'Husband Dear' and I went to Sydney for the Company's 25th Anniversary Ball. A spectacularly organised affair which was enjoyed by International and National clients, suppliers and the all important staff. The theme was a formal 'Black and Silver' event with everyone frocking up for the occasion. We were entertained by Jugglers on our arrival, an energetic 16 troupe 'Swing' dance display and of course the wonderful Swing/Jazz 10 piece band selected to get even the oldest of hips rocking. It was a wonderful night.
The weather was clear and sunny showing off Sydney as it should be seen. We stayed in 'The Rocks' and had a wonderful time at the Market and Galleries in the area then meeting my brother and partner for a relaxed lunch at the waters edge. Not a bad photo, huh.
'Babe' stayed in Melbourne and competed in the State Aerobics Competition, unfortunatley missing out on getting through to the Nationals. The competition is steep and we are incredibly proud of all the teams that compete from school.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Today Myrane and I spent a wonderful day creating handbags with Nicole Mallalieu . This was a course offered through Kimono House, a fabulous fabric shop tucked away in Nicholas House on the Corner of Swanston Street and Flinders Lane, Melbourne. They specialise in Japanese fabrics and run a variety of classes promoting the many talents of external and inhouse tutors.

I managed to finish this gorgeous clutch purse by the end of the day having used Nicoles excellent teaching style to achieve what I thought would be the impossible. She has years of experience and numerous tips to share which resulted in a surprisingly professional finish. I feel that this photo does not do it justice.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Hi there,

This is the latest quilt or should I say quilts I have been working on. I am using the range of fabrics from 'Maywood Studio' Romance Flannel - 33 Sweet sixteen fabric. My friend Myrane and I each purchased the range at Caulfield Stitches and Craft Show. Myrane is making a 75th birthday lap quilt for her mother and I am making three lap quilts for Mothers Day. One for my mother Lorraine, one for my mother-in-law Rosa and the other for my special mother Annie Burns. The label on each will show three hearts alongside their names. I hope they will appreciate how much they are loved and that they are three very special ladies.

The quilt I have just finished was made for my brother-in-laws 60th birthday. He lives in Geneva, Switzerland and also has a chalet in the mountains where I can visualise this quilt living. I finished it one hour before cutoff for the quilt hanging our local group put on which is where this photo was taken with Husband Dear. I hope Reudi thinks of us when he uses it even though we are on the other side of the world.

I am a proud member of Bay Quilters, a local group with over 120 members. We meet once a month at the Library Complex in Reserve Road, Beaumaris and have a wonderful day enjoying the company of like-minded women. We all enjoy 'Show and Tell', guest speakers, a wonderful library, a Trading Table, morning teas and lunches.

I should be stitching now instead of setting up this blog. Oooops.

Well, I hear Husband Dear tromping around having just come in from the garden so I had better get off this and throw the stove into action.

Keep smiling